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Academic Programs provided by Teens Path to Success are open to ages 14 - 21 who want to complete their high school education. 

We develop individualized education plans to fit the unique needs of every student. Teens Path to Success provides an accredited academic program with special education services and therapeutic services as needed. Our staff are trained in de-escalation techniques including SAMA, Restorative Justice and PBIS. 

Education for Adjudicated and At-Risk Youth

Benefits to students:

  • Rolling admissions regardless of background and/or academic need

  • Qualified education professionals including guidance counselors that request and review transcripts before creating an Individualized Academic Plans (IAP)

  • Open to ages 21 and younger

  • On-line curriculum meeting Common Core and Alabama State Standards 

  • Full range of courses including honors and college prep

  • Upon completion, student earn high school diploma

Proven Success: 43% increase in GPAs; 83% increase in graduation rates

With years of experience working with at-risk youth, students of our education team earned a 43% increase in their GPA. Highly qualified and state certified educators provide a safe, supportive academic environment for students to learn and excel. The most recent program of our education team experienced an 83% increase in graduation rates.

Individualized, Customized Learning Plans and Special Education

Our management team is experienced with AdvancED/SACS and Joint Commission accreditation requirements and standards. 

Special Education students are served according to the IDEA and FAPE guidelines. Our services prepare students for further education, employment, and independent living.

All exceptions are are served according to their IEP and compliance is monitored by the Special Education Director. 

2016 Labor Department Statistics

Unemployment rate of individual without a high school diploma is 7.4% compared to 5.2% with a high school diploma and 4.4% of individuals with some college but no degree.

Source: Current Population Survey, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

In The News
Charter School Touts Benefits

By Marian Accardi, Staff Writer
Decatur Daily


Jul 20, 2017 - ATHENS — Representatives with Teens Path to Success, a nonprofit seeking to launch a statewide public charter school, promoted their program Wednesday at a public hearing held by the Alabama Public Charter School Commission.

Rick White, the nonprofit's principal, who would be the principal of the charter school, said the program would serve county jail inmates ages 21 and younger who want to complete their high school education and receive a diploma.

The school would use an accredited academic curriculum and provide special education, therapeutic and mental health services, guidance counseling and a full range of courses, including honors and college prep, White said. Students would have to meet the same academic standards as any other public high school student, he said.

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Why Teens Path to Success?

75% of crimes are committed by high school dropouts.

Without a diploma, individuals are more likely to:

  • Be involved in crime

  • Be under qualified for gainful employment

  • Live in poverty

  • Receive government assistance

  • Experience poor physical and mental health 

Source: National Drop-Out Prevention Center

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